Training Videos

Videos – Looking for ways to reduce training costs but still provide high-quality training? Look no further.

These webeds (similar to webinars) are one-hour professionally produced training sessions perfect for any nonprofit. The pages listed in the training videos may not match the page numbers in the newly updated 2nd edition of the books in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series and the Nonprofit Toolkits. The 2nd edition contains changes in titles from the 1st edition.

These field-tested videos, narrated by Emmy-award winner, Andrew Gilliam, can be used repeatedly, saving you time and money. The more you buy, the more you save! New videos will be added within the next year, so check back frequently for the perfect training video for your nonprofit.

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Board & Volunteer Training Videos

Board Responsibilities

Board members are liable for the decisions they make or do not make. What are you doing to make sure your board members and senior staff clearly understand their roles, responsibilities, and lines of authority? You will use this webed repeatedly to train your board and staff, ensuring everyone involved understands what they can and cannot do. The webed includes an overview of the five legal and three support responsibilities of any nonprofit board of directors.

Simplified Strategic Planning

Instead of a complicated, boring strategic planning process, this award-winning approach will engage the board and staff in a proven, easy to implement process you can build on every year. The process is easy to adapt to any nonprofit. You will use it repeatedly to educate board and staff on strategies for successful planning.

Effective Meetings

How much time are you, your staff and volunteers wasting in unproductive, long, boring meetings? Training your staff and key volunteers on how to conduct effective meetings is critical for accomplishing everything you need to do…and this video will help you do exactly that.

ED Succession Planning and Search Processes

Nothing can send a nonprofit spiraling out of control and waste significant resources than the sudden and unexpected departure of a key staff person or board member. This webed will show you how to prepare for the unexpected with both staff and board leadership, creating a smooth transition when needed. Planning three to five years ahead for staff and board member succession is not only good business but essential in the nonprofit sector where the average length of staff is two to three years. Adding to the complications can be a last-minute, uncoordinated search for the executive director or CEO. This video will show you the key strategies for both succession planning and search processes.

Volunteer Development

Cultivation of your volunteer program can have profound impact on everything you do, from fundraising to programs. Your talents and expertise are multiplied by the caliber of the volunteers you recruit. Unfortunately, too few nonprofits have developed effective volunteer programs which incorporate good policies and procedures for recruitment, training, recognition, and dismissal of all types of volunteers. This one-hour webed will provide you with the tools you need to develop a great volunteer program, including:
1. The most common problems working with volunteers,
2. The basics of a great volunteer development program,
3. Incorporating an effective committee structure,
4. Developing policies and procedures for recruitment, training, recognition, and dismissal of all types of volunteers: virtual, disabled, high-capacity, board, committee and program,
5. Legal issues to consider when developing your volunteer program,
6. An overview of the importance of a volunteer handbook and how to develop one, Important keys to effective volunteer-driven meetings.

Volunteer Handbooks

Why you need volunteer handbooks and how to develop them is the focus of this webed. Step by step instructions are included, as well as an overview of various formats and contents. The agenda of the one-hour video includes:
1. Steps to take before developing the handbook,
2. Suggested components of the handbook,
3. Who needs to review and approve the handbook,
Examples of various types of handbooks and the pros and cons of each.

Sustainability Strategies

One of the key board member responsibilities is to make sure your nonprofit has the capacity to effectively carry out the core mission, but also to ensure long-term sustainability. The annual strategic planning process is one way to do that. However, without a clear understand of what should be included in the plan, how can you build long0term sustainability? This 50-minute webed will show you how:
1. The importance of building long-term sustainability,
2. The four infrastructure sustainability strategies,
3. Building sustainability in your programs,
4. Diversifying your resource development strategies for long-term sustainability,
5. Why administrative functions must include sustainability strategies,
6. Incorporating board and volunteer development in long-term sustainability strategies,
7. Building sustainability through effective marketing and brand identity,
The role of community involvement in sustainability.

ED Succession and Search Processes

Your executive director (ED) or CEO suddenly resigns or dies. What do you do? This one-hour webed provides boards with the key strategies for developing succession and search process for the top staff leadership position. Included in the webed are:
1. Typical problems with ED search processes,
2. Using organizational assessments to determine the type of ED you need,
3. How strategic plans impact succession plans and search processes,
4. Sample policies and procedures,
5. The role of the board in succession and search processes,
6. Strategies for developing the ED core competencies,
7. Role of succession planning,
8. Steps for the search process,
9. The role of a search committee.

Administration Training Videos

Developing a Story-Telling Budget

Discussions about overhead and fundraising costs can lead a nonprofit into starvation funding cycles. That is because donors often do not understand how critical core mission support is to the ability of your nonprofit to run successful programs. What would happen if you changed the discussion from overhead and fundraising costs to a marketable story-telling approach? In this webed you will learn how to develop a budget which tells a story to donors and potential donors, moving the conversation away from overhead and fundraising costs to core mission support.

Everything you Need to Know about Starting a Nonprofit

Whether you are a start-up nonprofit or looking for a simple way to go back to the basics of nonprofit management, this webed will provide you with the tools you need.  Based on author Marilyn L. Donnellan’s more than 35 years experience as a nonprofit CEO and consultant, this practical video will be invaluable in helping you focus on what are the most important things you need to do to build capacity and long-term sustainability.  The agenda includes:

1. Why you need a start-up plan,
2. An overview of the legal requirements for any 501(c)3 nonprofit,
3. Questions to answer before submitting the paperwork to form your nonprofit,
4. A simplified process for developing a business plan,
5. Twenty key strategies for building long-term sustainability in all the core elements of a successful nonprofit.

All Things Administration

This one-hour webed highlights all the strategies necessary for the administration side of a sustainable nonprofit, including sample policies, procedures and templates.  Agenda items include:

  • Board responsibilities for financial controls,
  • Administrative policies and procedures,
  • Internal financial controls,
  • Financial management standards,
  • Essential legal documents and how long to keep them,
  • Facilities management and policies,
  • Renting vs. buying,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Health, safety and accessibility issues,
  • Disaster readiness,
  • Equipment and technology upgrading and maintaining,
  • Interfacing software,
  • Infrastructure budgeting and planning.

Assessments and Evaluations

This one-hour webed video will show you the differences, provide examples and implementation strategies.  Included in the agenda are:

  • Problems with assessments
  • Purpose of assessments
  • Types of assessments
  • When and how assessments should be done
  • What to do with assessment results

The Personnel Management Assessment

This one-hour webed video will show you the differences, provide examples and implementation strategies.  Included in the agenda are:

  • Problems with assessments
  • Purpose of assessments
  • Types of assessments
  • When and how assessments should be done
  • What to do with assessment results

Risk Management: Reducing the Level of Risk for your Nonprofit

We are so busy running programs and raising funds for our nonprofit, it is easy to forget to put in place the critical strategies to prevent problems.  A fire, an accusation of sexual harassment, a cybersecurity breach or inadequate insurance can put your nonprofit at serious risk.  This 56 -minute video will show you how to reduce your level of risk.  Included in the webed will be:

  • Risk management plans, audits, committees
  • Outsourcing
  • Evaluating insurance needs
  • Establishing abuse prevention policies and procedures
  • Developing cybersecurity policies and procedures,
  • Health, accessibility and safety issues
  • Developing internal and external disaster plans
  • Establishing a crisis communication plan
  • Developing contingency funding.

The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit

Part I: Strategic Planning Assessments for Virtual Strategies

  • Challenges
  • Advantages
  • Assessments
  • Simplified planning
  • Virtual planning committee
  • Contingency funding

Part II:  Impact on the Core Elements of a Successful Nonprofit

  • Administration
  • Board and Volunteer Development
  • Resource Development
  • Programs
  • Marketing
  • Community Involvement

Disaster Readiness

Things you will learn:

  • Be able to develop or update your disaster response plan
  • Tie the risk management plan to the disaster plan
  • Understand the role of sustainability strategies
  • Decide if outsourcing is an option
  • Establish training
  • Know the difference between internal and external disaster plans
  • Adapt all six core elements to a disaster readiness plan
  • Be nimble in responding to disaster

Management Excellence

This one-hour video will explore various, proven strategies to build long-term excellence and sustainability into every aspect of your nonprofit.  The agenda includes:

  • An overview of the Circle of Management Excellence
  • How management impacts all the core elements of a successful nonprofit
  • How long-term sustainability increases with management excellence strategies