Simplified Strategic Planning: A Webed Training Video


Simplified Strategic Planning: A Webed Training Video


Don’t waste your money on expensive, quickly out of date planning processes.  This video will show you an easier, less expensive method for organizational and program planning.  Within four to six hours, using this process, you will have a strategic planning with priority goals in all six of the core elements of a successful nonprofit:  administration, board and volunteer development, programs, community involvement, marketing and resource development.  The process includes a variety of assessments and tools, including facilitator guidelines.

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One of the Board and Volunteer Development Video Training Series

Instead of a complicated, boring, and expensive strategic planning process, this award-winning approach will engage the board and staff in a proven, easy to implement process you can build on every year.  The process is easy to adapt to any nonprofit.  You will use it repeatedly to educate board and staff on strategies for successful planning for all aspects of your nonprofit.

Training Videos, available only at this website, in the Board and Volunteer Development series (8):

Textbooks for the Board and Volunteer Development video series:

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development

Nonprofit Toolkit #1:  Volunteer Handbooks

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit

Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies

Nonprofit Toolkit #4:  Executive Director Succession Plan and Search Process