Resources on nonprofit management

Are you feeling powerless as a nonprofit executive?  Want to feel invigorated and empowered?  How about some easy to use resources to jump-start every aspect of your nonprofit?

I have just what you need.  It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed at the vast array of tasks bombarding you every day when you serve in small to mid-sized nonprofits.  How can you achieve your mission when you have limited resources, few staff and huge demands on your time?

I know exactly how you feel.  I’ve been in your shoes.  In my first nonprofit, I was the only staff person.  I was frustrated at how few of the available resources I could adapt to my needs.  And that’s why all my books, guides, toolkits and training modules are so practical. I know they work, because I’ve used them myself.

Let’s use building brand identity as an example.  It is nice to take a class on developing brand identity if you are a marketing director, but if marketing is something you do along with programs and fundraising, how can you simplify the concept enough so you can squeeze it in with everything else you do? 

I show you how to do that in my book, Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core Mission.

Or maybe, because you are a small organization, you rely on a lot of volunteers but are struggling to corral them. Have I got some great tools for you!
• Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development
• Board Development Training Video• Volunteer Development Training Video• The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit Training Video.

The training videos are great for training boards, staff, groups of nonprofits or helping you understand step by step processes on a specific topic.

Nonprofit Management Simplified Books:

The title says it all.  These three books are a must-have for any nonprofit manager. They were all updated in 2021 and now include sections on virtual strategies, grant writing and so much more.  I have taken every aspect of nonprofit management, stripped away all the theory and focused in on the basics of what every manager needs to know to build a successful organization.  Everything is based on my four decades of service in five different nonprofits and my work with hundreds of nonprofits as a consultant.

In my first nonprofit, where I did everything from janitorial work to fundraising as the only staff, I was forced to narrow my focus on to the six core elements necessary for success.  And I learned, over the next several decades, what worked and what did not work.

These three books are the result.  I wish I had these books when I started in nonprofits.  I made sure they were practical and full of sample policies and procedures you can adapt to your organization, regardless of the mission or size.

And don’t forget to look for the companion training modules.  These practical tools are great for training your board and staff on everything from board governance to risk management.

Training Videos:

Talk about inexpensive!  These training videos, companions to the Nonprofit Management Simplified books and Nonprofit Toolkits, are perfect for training your board and staff on important issues like board governance, risk management, personnel issues, and so much more.

The videos can be used over and over again, saving you training costs and ensuring your staff and volunteers are properly trained. I recommend you purchase the relevant books or toolkits to use as textbooks for the videos. They include sample templates, policies and procedures.

Motivational Speaker

What is it like to walk in the footsteps of a someone who has a disability or who is very different from everyone else?  That’s exactly what I do when I become my alter-ego, Sophie Longhoofer. Sophie has walked into countless restaurants, conferences and venues where I was the keynote speaker.  She wanders around, making herself obvious.  Then… she changes into me.  When I am introduced, no one recognizes me as Sophie. Then I talk about how we judge others and ourselves on the wrong criteria.  Everyone in the room is confronted with the fact they treated Sophie very different than they treated me, totally based on how I am dressed…


Nonprofit Toolkits

Pressed for time? These short, easy to use guides cover topics relevant to today’s nonprofits:

  1. Volunteer Handbooks – Why and how
  2. The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies
  3. Becoming a Tech-Focused Nonprofit – Leveraging tech
  4. Executive Director Succession Plans and Search Process
  5. Developing and Marketing a Story-telling Budget
  6. 10 Key Strategies for Responding to Disasters
  7. Communication and Conflict
  8. Gift Acceptance Policies
  9. The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit

Church Management Simplified

Few pastors are trained in all aspects of church management. This guide will provide timely and valuable information, regardless of the size of the church or the denomination. This very practical, field-tested handbook will become your go-to reference book.

The Complete Guide to Church Management – Chichewa version (downloadable only)

Translated into Chichewa, the native language of The Republic of Malawi, Africa, this is a downloadable version of the English version of the book.