Training Modules

Training Modules are exactly what the title suggests: everything you need to provide training to your staff and volunteers on every aspect of nonprofit management. Each module includes a PowerPoint presentation, instructor notes, sample agenda and handouts. Everything is already done for you. The PowerPoints even have the animations added. All you need to do is adapt the material to the needs of your organization and you are ready to do training. No expensive traveling to conferences. These modules are ideal for consultants and for anyone wanting to provide high-quality, field-rested training to stakeholders. All modules are based on printed, available books at

“I love the material. I love the usefulness of it. Marilyn gives so many tools and step-by-step instructions that can easily be used right away.”
Pam Bechtel, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County

“These are among the best books I’ve seen for practitioners in the field of managing not-for-profit organizations. The material is easy to understand, user friendly, practical and creative. A MUST read for all executives.”
H. Lovell Mosely, United Way Worldwide, Alexandria, VA

“…the most useful tools I have seen in my 33 years in nonprofit work.”
Margo Friend, Adolescent Initiative, Region III, Charleston, WV

Two Faces of Me

Emotionally damaged by childhood bullying and verbal abuse, the author takes the reader on a rocky journey from deep-seated feelings of ugliness and inadequacies to a positive self image. Struggling to find herself after an attempted suicide, she lives her life like an actress, pretending to be what she does not feel. Focused on a lifestyle of over achievement and trying to please others, it is only when she begins to comprehend her worth in God’s eyes that she is able to see herself as unique, valuable, gifted and beautiful.

“…Like a conversation between friends…honest, intelligent and sometimes heart-breaking.”
Trina Bartlett, MSW, LGSW

“Great transparency…easy to identify with…unique use of creativity to enhance message…provides answers.”
Diane Hawkins, MA, President, Restoration in Christ Ministries

The Complete Guide to Church Management

For the first time, pastors and leaders now have a guide for the basics of managing any type of religious congregation. Few seminaries require graduates to take courses in administration. As a result, there is often conflict and frustration within religious congregations when the leader (pastor, priest or rabbi) hasn’t a clue how to deal with the essential day-to-day management tasks. The book is co-authored with Rev. Alan P. Naumann, M.Div., and covers every aspect of administration.

“When I graduated from seminary, I had a pretty good handle on how to speak and lead, but not a clue as to how to manage our church. This book should fill that need quite well. I recommend it.”
Dr. Ben Bond, First Baptist Church, Clermont, FL

The Complete Guide to Church Management – Chichewa version (downloadable only)

Translated into Chichewa, the native language of The Republic of Malawi, Africa, this is a downloadable version of the English version of the book.