Effective Meetings: A Webed Training Video



Effective Meetings: A Webed Training Video


My motto for effective meetings?  “The mind can absorb only what the posterior can endure!”  This motto should be posted in every board and meeting room to prevent those unproductive meetings.  You will use this video repeatedly to train all your stakeholders on effective meetings.  It is recommended you purchase the book on which the webed is based, Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development, for examples of templates, policies and procedures.

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One of the Board and Volunteer Development Video Series

How much time are you, your staff and volunteers wasting in unproductive, long, boring meetings?  Training your staff and key volunteers on how to conduct effective meetings is critical for accomplishing everything you need to do…and this one-hour video will help you do exactly that.

Recommended textbooks for this training video include:

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