Executive Director Search and Succession Plans



Executive Director Search and Succession Plans


One of the Board and Volunteer Development training video series

Your executive director (ED) or CEO suddenly resigns or dies.  What do you do?  If you had already formalized your search and succession plans with policies and procedures it would be much easier for everyone concerned.  Step-by-step strategies for search and succession planning are the focus of this training video.  Texts for this webed, recommended for purchase to use with the video, include: Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development and Nonprofit Toolkit #4:  Executive Director Succession Plans and Search ProcessRon Soto, Co-Author.

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More Information

This one-hour training video provides boards with the strategies for developing succession and search processes for key leadership.  Included in the webed are:

  1. Typical problems with executive director (ED) search processes,
  2. Using organizational assessments to determine the type of ED you need,
  3. How strategic plans impact succession plans and search processes,
  4. Sample policies and procedures,
  5. The role of the board in succession and search processes,
  6. Strategies for developing the ED core competencies,
  7. The role of succession planning,
  8. Steps for the search process,
  9. The role of a search committee,
  10. Determining if an interim ED or search firm is needed.