Risk Management: Reducing the Level of Risk for Your Nonprofit


Risk Management: Reducing the Level of Risk for Your Nonprofit


What are the legal issues impacting your nonprofit which could necessitate a risk management plan.  Each nonprofit’s risks will be different, but this webed will focus on the most common.  I will show you how to do a risk management audit, and to develop essential policies and procedures for each risk issue.

Other videos in this training series include:

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One of the Administration Training Videos

We are so busy running programs and raising funds for our nonprofit, it is easy to forget to put in place the critical strategies to prevent problems.  A fire, an accusation of sexual harassment, a cybersecurity breach or inadequate insurance can put your nonprofit at serious risk.  This 56 -minute video will show you how to reduce your level of risk.  Included in the webed will be:

  • Risk management plans, audits, committees
  • Outsourcing
  • Evaluating insurance needs
  • Establishing abuse prevention policies and procedures
  • Developing cybersecurity policies and procedures,
  • Health, accessibility and safety issues
  • Developing internal and external disaster plans
  • Establishing a crisis communication plan
  • Developing contingency funding.

It is recommended you purchase the following books before viewing the video, since they will contain examples of templates, policies and procedures on all the subjects covered in the webed:

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration

Nonprofit Toolkit #3: Becoming a Tech-Focused Nonprofit

Nonprofit Toolkit #6: 10 Key Strategies for Responding to Disasters

Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit