All Things Administration – One of the Administration series of Training Videos


All Things Administration – One of the Administration series of Training Videos


All Things Administration

The one-hour webed covers the basics of every facet of nonprofit administration.  It is recommended you purchase the relevant textbooks, which include:

    • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development

Nonprofit Toolkit #3: Becoming a Tech-Focused Nonprofit

Nonprofit Toolkit #5: Developing and Marketing a Story-telling Budget

Nonprofit Toolkit #6: 10 Key Strategies for Responding to a Disaster

Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit

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More Information

Frustrated at all the admin “stuff” at your nonprofit?

This one-hour webed, available only at this website, highlights all the strategies necessary for the administration side of a sustainable nonprofit, including sample policies, procedures and templates.  Agenda items include:

  • Board responsibilities for financial controls,
  • Administrative policies and procedures,
  • Internal financial controls,
  • Financial management standards,
  • Essential legal documents and how long to keep them,
  • Facilities management and policies,
  • Renting vs. buying,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Health, safety and accessibility issues,
  • Disaster readiness,
  • Equipment and technology upgrading and maintaining,
  • Interfacing software,
  • Infrastructure budgeting and planning.

Videos in the Administration training series include: