The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit – An Administration Training Video


The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit – An Administration Training Video


The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit

Co-authors, Marilyn L. Donnellan, and Emily Chambers, interviewed several organizations in the middle of the pandemic to find out what worked and did not work in their switch to virtual platforms.  The video can be a great tool for training a Virtual Strategies Committee, staff, or a board of directors, on the challenges and opportunities of virtual strategies. 

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Virtual Realities for Nonprofits

This one-hour video will challenge your thinking about implementing virtual strategies throughout your nonprofit.  Based on Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit,” the video is a great training video for staff, board and volunteers.  It is recommended you purchase the toolkit as a textbook for the video.  The agenda is in two parts and includes;

Part I: Strategic Planning Assessments for Virtual Strategies

  • Challenges
  • Advantages
  • Assessments
  • Simplified planning
  • Virtual planning committee
  • Contingency funding

Part II:  Impact on the Core Elements of a Successful Nonprofit

  • Administration
  • Board and Volunteer Development
  • Resource Development
  • Programs
  • Marketing
  • Community Involvement

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Recommended textbooks for the video include:

Nonprofit Toolkit #6: 10 Key Strategies for Responding to Disasters

Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit

Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Toolkit #3: Becoming a Tech-Focused Nonprofit

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