Nonprofit Management Simplified: the Series

These three books make up an encyclopedia of information for any nonprofit leader.  This is the second edition and includes new information on grant writing, case statements, virtual strategies and much more.  A must for any executive director and start-up nonprofit. 

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Individual Books

Board and Volunteer Development

The book on which the board development video is based, this important topic clearly demonstrates how important board training is to decrease legal liabilities.  Sample templates, policies and procedures for the recruitment, training and recognition of board members, plus all other types of volunteers, will be your source for effective strategies.


The biggest stumbling block for most nonprofits is related to their internal operations, or administrative side, of the organization. We would much rather be helping clients than dealing with administrative issues. But lack of internal controls and implementation of standards of accounting can set your nonprofit up for all kinds of problems. This comprehensive book will provide you with policies, procedures and templates for personnel management, facilities, equipment, legal issues, and financial management.

Implementing the Core Mission

Evaluating and planning for effective programs is at the heart of everything you do, or your core mission. This book provides you with outcomes measurements and program evaluation strategies, plus an array of fundraising and resource development ideas. Also included are brand identity and marketing tools.

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit

I vividly recall setting at my desk with my head in my hands one month on the job at my first nonprofit. I was overwhelmed. I was the only staff person. Meeting the demands of a board just added to the sometimes-bewildering array of tasks. How could I possibly get everything done? There were only so many hours in the day and I was a wife and mother, too.

Thus, began my odyssey to streamline and prioritize tasks to be efficient and productive, plus figure out ways to maintain long-term sustainability while increasing capacity within the nonprofit.

The more I work with nonprofits the more I realize how too often we are putting Band-aids on our problems, hoping things will get better and often missing the boat on implementing critical strategies for building capacity and long-term sustainability.

All the sustainability strategies outlined in this book are critical for your ability to fulfill the mission far into the future, regardless of what is going on around you to detract and derail. Addendum A is a simple sustainability assessment to evaluate how well your nonprofit is implementing the strategies in this book.

Sample templates, policies, and procedures for all the sustainability strategies in the book are available in the Nonprofit Management Simplified and Nonprofit Toolkit series.