Management Excellence – An Administration Training Video


Management Excellence – An Administration Training Video


Struggling to get everything done, but still wanting to achieve management excellence? This 50-minute training video will show you easy to implement strategies to be better at everything you do.

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This one-hour video will explore various, proven strategies to build long-term excellence and sustainability into every aspect of your nonprofit.  The agenda includes:

  • An overview of the Circle of Management Excellence
  • How management impacts all the core elements of a successful nonprofit
  • How long-term sustainability increases with management excellence strategies

Other videos in the series include:

Textbooks for this video

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core Mission

Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Toolkit #5: Developing and Marketing a Story-Telling Budget

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit