Motivational Speaker

For more than 40 years, Marilyn Donnellan has traveled to events with her alter-ego, Sophie Longhoofer.  She has been thrown out of churches, country clubs and restaurants.  Fortunately, Marilyn’s husband, Stephen, is a great bodyguard and always gets Sophie back into the venue. The video is an example of a presentation Sophie did for a retirement community in 2023.

Although Sophie usually doesn’t speak, she is an illustration of how we judge people on the wrong criteria. Donnellan has discovered Sophie is treated totally different than when she is dressed in her power suit and is introduced as the keynote speaker.

When Sophie speaks, it becomes a comedy routine and is based on the books Sophie authored:

“Two Faces of Me” (link to the book already listed under “books” and ordered through Amazon) – the story of Sophie and an autobiography of Donnellan.

“Sophie Longhoofer’s 12 Rules for Seniors” is a hilarious look at aging, published in large print.  It makes a great gift for anyone reaching a milestone birthday or retiring.


Limited Engagements

Ms. Donnellan is only available for limited speaking engagements since she retired in January 2021. However, any of the Authorized Dealers, listed here in the “Nonprofit Resources” tab, would be excellent possibilities for speakers and workshops.

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