Is Your Nonprofit On Life-Support or Sustainable for the Long Term?


Is Your Nonprofit On Life-Support or Sustainable for the Long Term?


Without a clear understanding of what should be included in your strategic plan, how can you build long-term sustainability?  This 50-minute video will show you how to build sustainability throughout the entire nonprofit. 

Training Videos in the Board and Volunteer Development series (8):

Textbooks for the Board and Volunteer Development video series:

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development

Nonprofit Toolkit #1:  Volunteer Handbooks

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit

Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies

Nonprofit Toolkit #4:  Executive Director Succession Plan and Search Process


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One of the Board and Volunteer Training Videos

One of your board members’ key responsibilities is to make sure your nonprofit has the capacity to effectively carry out the core mission and ensure long-term sustainability.  The annually updated strategic plan is one way to do that.  But how do you know what goals should be included in the plan?  This 50-minute video, available only at this website, will show you:

  1. The importance of building long-term sustainability,
  2. The four infrastructure sustainability strategies,
  3. How to build sustainability into your programs,
  4. Ways to diversify resource development strategies,
  5. Why administrative functions must include sustainability strategies,
  6. How to incorporate board and volunteer development in sustainability strategies,
  7. Ways to build sustainability through effective marketing and brand identity,
  8. The role of community involvement in sustainability.

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