Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit


Nonprofit Toolkit #9: The Virtually Nimble Nonprofit


The 9th in the Nonprofit Toolkit series, this easy to use and understand book overviews the challenges and advantages of a virtually nimble nonprofit.  Chapters include:

  1. Evaluate technology for virtual challenges
  2. Implement cybersecurity
  3. Develop the virtual nonprofit’s strategic plan
  4. Consider budget issues
  5. Conduct virtual meetings and conferences
  6. Understand changes in volunteerism
  7. Know the essential skills for virtual volunteers and staff
  8. Provide opportunities for virtual volunteers and staff
  9. Provide opportunities for volunteers and staff with disabilities
  10. Establish policies and procedures for the virtual team

Also included is a helpful questionnaire for virtual volunteers with disabilities, plus resources to help you.




More Information

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, if you were like most nonprofits, you were blindsided and scrambled to figure out how to continue to provide vital community services virtually and remotely.  Protecting clients, staff, board members, donors, and volunteers from the virus, maintaining financial viability, AND achieving the mission became huge challenges.  In this toolkit, co-authors Marilyn L. Donnellan and Emily Chambers will challenge you to rethink every aspect of what you do in this necessary, exciting and challenging virtual world.  They intend to motivate you to move to a more nimble, virtual nonprofit, incorporating new types of team members and new virtual platforms well beyond the pandemic.  Order all 9 of the toolkits, and receive a 40% discount off the original price. Available at this website and at