Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core MIssion


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core MIssion


Strategies for mission implementation (resource development, programs, marketing, community involvement) can only work effectively if there is a solid infrastructure for the board and volunteer development and internal operations.  Once the foundation is laid, this book will show you easy to implement strategies for your mission.  And don’t forget to order the companion training videos available at this website.

More Information

The 84 pages in this 8.5″x11″ handbook, available at this website  and, shows you how to:

  • Evaluate and  measure program outcomes,
  • Implement and evaluate all resource development and fundraising strategies,
  • Develop and strategize your brand identity,
  • Create a marketing plan to promote your mission.

Building the infrastructure of your nonprofit through a board and volunteer development program (Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development) and solid internal operations (Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration) is the only way you will be able to implement your core mission.  Strategies like programs, resource development, marketing and community involvement are how you implement your mission.