Nonprofit Management Simplified: the Series


Nonprofit Management Simplified: the Series


Textbooks for the Nonprofit Training Videos

Save 30% by ordering all three of these valuable handbooks, including useable and field-tested forms, policies and procedures on all aspects of nonprofit management.  All of the training videos are based on these books, as well as the guides in the Nonprofit Toolkit series

More Information

The three books in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series are an encyclopedia of information for any nonprofit leader, whether staff or volunteer.  Based on the author’s 35+ years as a nonprofit CEO and consultant, the handbooks cover every aspect of nonprofit management.  These 2021 updated editions include templates and sample policies and procedures on such topics as working with virtual volunteers, outsourcing and so much more:

  • Nonprofit Management Simplified:  Administration – Starting a nonprofit, establishing and maintaining legal and financial structures, evaluating staff performance, moving toward an accelerating technology approach, effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of administration, developing a risk management plan and implementing virtual strategies.
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development – Educating board members and staff on their roles and responsibilities, working effectively with the board, simplified strategic planning, ED/CEO performance reviews and core competencies, conducting effective meetings, and sample policies and procedures for volunteer development.
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core Mission –Program evaluations and outcomes measurements, implementing and evaluating all resource development strategies, identifying and implementing brand identity, creating a marketing plan, strategies for building collaborations to address community problems.

Individual handbooks can be ordered at Amazon.  For a 30% discount for all three books, order here.