Building a Sustainable Nonprofit


Building a Sustainable Nonprofit


Each chapter in this book provides practical tips for ways to build sustainability:

  1. Establish a sustainable infrastructure
  2. Develop sustainable internal operations
  3. Build sustainable board and volunteer development strategies
  4. Implement effective and sustainable programs
  5. Diversify resources for sustainability
  6. Establish sustainable brand identity and marketing plans
  7. Expand community involvement to enhance sustainability

More Information

The more I work with nonprofits, the more I realize how too often we are putting bandages on our problems, hoping things will get better.  We often miss the boat on implementing critical strategies for building capacity and long-term sustainability.  All the sustainability strategies outlined in this book, available at this website and at, are critical for your ability to fulfill the mission far into the future, regardless of what is going on around you to detract and derail.  Order today!