Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration


Everything you ever wanted to know about nonprofit management in easy-to-understand templates, policies and procedures.  This is the 2nd in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series (look for the NMS series tab).

More Information

The 2nd edition of the Nonprofit Management Simplified book on internal operations, this 171-page, 8.5″x11″ handbook is an encyclopedia of information for any nonprofit leader.  It is available at this website and at Extensively field-tested, the handbook includes sample templates, policies and procedures for all aspects of nonprofit management, including:

  1. How to start a nonprofit (including sample articles of incorporation and bylaws),
  2. Evaluating every facet of the nonprofit (including the internal controls audit form),
  3. Essential legal, financial, facilities, equipment and technology strategies,
  4. Evaluating personnel management (including a complete HR manual),
  5. Implementing a risk management plan (including cybersecurity policies, internal and external disaster plans),
  6. Balancing competing demands using the circle of management excellence.