Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies


Nonprofit Toolkit #2: The Top Twenty Sustainability Strategies


Long-term sustainability goals must be included in a nonprofit’s strategic plan. This easy to use guide will help you to establish the goal and strategies for building sustainability into every core element of your nonprofit.

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Long-term sustainability is about so much more than funding. It is about building sustainability into every aspect of the nonprofit so when changes or a crisis happens, the nonprofit keeps right on providing services and meeting their mission. Based on the Nonprofit Management Simplified series of books, the toolkit highlights key strategies essential for sustainability in every aspect of the nonprofit. And, don’t forget the companion training module, “Sustainability,” available for download at this website.

This is #2 in the Nonprofit Toolkits, available at this website and, short and easy to understand overviews of topics focused on important strategies for long-term sustainability for your organization. Order all nine of the toolkits and receive a 40% discount off of the original price!