The Complete Guide to Church Management


The Complete Guide to Church Management


For the first time, pastors and leaders now have a guide for the basics of managing any type of religious congregation. Few seminaries require graduates to take courses in administration. As a result, there is often conflict and frustration within religious congregations when the leader (pastor, priest or rabbi) hasn’t a clue how to deal with the essential day-to-day management tasks.

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“When I graduated from seminary, I had a pretty good handle on how to speak and lead, but not a clue as to how to manage our church. This book should fill that need quite well. I recommend it.” Dr. Ben Bond, First Baptist Church, Clermont, FL

Co-authored by Rev. Alan P. Naumann and M. L. Donnellan, this book is ideal for pastors and their boards, covering every aspect of church management. The field-tested suggestions will work for any type or size of congregation. The book is also available in the native language of The Republic of Malawi, Africa. The Chichewa version is downloadable from this website.