The Book Liberators: The White Warrior


The Book Liberators: The White Warrior


Book One:  The young, beautiful university student, Brogan Finlay, is appalled at the ban on her beloved books and the infringement on personal freedoms. Brogan and her friends start a peaceful protest movement, The Book Liberators. After her mother and beloved Bryan are murdered by the empire’s soldiers, peace is shattered and the outgunned and outmanned rebels are forced to fight. When Brogan escapes from prison after months of torture and rape, she becomes the vengeful and mysterious White Warrior, determined to restore America’s freedoms.

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More than one hundred years in the future and after WWIII, America is now an empire led by a despotic prime minister. In his desire to prevent subversive action by citizens, the PM decides to ban religion, books and writing. Since most communications are based on vid-coms, he believes there is no needs for books. It was fanatical religion causing WWIII.  All religion is regarded as a panacea for the ignorant and is banned. Citizens are controlled by three types of implanted chips: T-chips for health information and financial transactions; I-chips providing information on any subject and will eventually eliminate the education system; and B-chips to control abhorrent behavior.

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  • The Book Liberators:  The White Warrior
  • The Book Liberators:  The Slave Warrior
  • The Book Liberators:  The Mother Warrior
  • The Book Liberators:  The Daughter Warrior.