The Book Liberators: the series



The Book Liberators: the series


Did you know there are corporations testing identity chips for employees? What’s next? Transactional chips, knowledge chips and behavior chips? This series imagines all of these things are implemented after World War III. What would you do when the government controls what you learn and bans books?

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Based on the scary possibility of government implanted control chips and destruction of all printed books, the reader is taken into a futuristic world where this is reality. A young college student, who loves books, pulls together a group of like-minded people to form the rebel alliance, “The Book Liberators.” Determined to save their precious books, they must figure out where to stash the books and save the lives of all rebels. The four-book series makes for an exciting, thoughtful and interesting read:
1. The Book Liberators: The White Warrior
2. The Book Liberators: The Slave Warrior
3. The Book Liberators: The Mother Warrior
4. The Book Liberators: The Daughter Warrior