Standards for International NGOs


Standards for International NGOs


Non-governmental (NGO) agencies around the world can benefit from a common set of standards. This downloadable assessment will help, regardless of the country you live in.

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In 2013, M. L. Donnellan, MS, author and consultant, was asked about nonprofit management materials for the more than five million nonprofits in India. Although her books and guides were in use in more than a dozen countries, Donnellan realized her material, like many nonprofit resources, was country-specific, which meant that there was probably a lack of standardization internationally of the basic best practices of nonprofit (NGO) management. As she began to research best practices, standards and basic principles, she also put together an internet-based discussion group to review the standards as they were being developed, and the Global Council on Nonprofit/NGO Standards was formed in 2014. The Council included 35 consultants, scholars and practitioners from fourteen countries. Donnellan collected more than fourteen different standards documents, compiling them into general topics for review by the Council. The results are included in this document. For sample policies and procedures for implementation of these standards, applicable in any country, order the books in the “Nonprofit Management Simplified” series, and the “Nonprofit Toolkits.” Companion training modules for the books are available at this website.