Policies and Procedures Checklist


Policies and Procedures Checklist


What will happen to your nonprofit if you must suddenly leave? A policies and procedures manual is critical to ensure your nonprofit can continue to fulfill it’s mission, regardless of what happens to key staff and volunteers. This checklist will help you develop this type of important manual.

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Busy running programs and raising funds can sometimes mean your nonprofit does not have the right policies and procedures written down. It can take time, initially, to develop a computerized, hyperlinked manual, but it is well worth the time. This checklist provides an example of the types of things to include in your manual. Volunteer handbooks can either be included with the comprehensive manual, or be separate. For more information on sample policies and procedures for all aspects of the nonprofit, order the three books in the “Nonprofit Management Simplified” series. Training manuals for every aspect of policies and procedures development are available at this website.