Board Committee Structure


Board Committee Structure


Board standing committees can be invaluable to a small nonprofit, providing critical support and advice to staff.

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In smaller nonprofits (budgets under $3 million), board standing committees can be a great help in accomplishing strategic goals. The role of committee members is to provide advice to staff and staff provides advice to the board. This example of a board committee structure is based on the concept of six critical core elements for nonprofit success. Balancing volunteer and staff efforts on all six of these core elements is sometimes a struggle, unless a good committee structure is in place. Most nonprofits focus the majority of their attention on programs and fundraising, relegating the other four to a place of less importance. The books in the “Nonprofit Management Simplified” series provide a wide range of templates and sample policies and procedures to ensure all six elements are addressed, based on a never-ending strategic planning process and the vision, mission and values. And, the training modules (available at this website) can be of tremendous help in training board and staff on every aspect of nonprofit management.