Acts: A History of the Church (LS4)


Acts: A History of the Church (LS4)


Lesson 4


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The book of Acts is the only history book in the New Testament. In its rich content is not doctrine, but the history of the early church. You will finish the course with a much better idea of how and why the early church functioned.

  1. Christ’s Ascension, Pentecost, the Doctrines of the Holy Spirit, and Speaking in Tongues
  2. The First Apostolic Miracles, Persecutions and Martyr
  3. Philip, Saul/Paul’s Conversion, Miracles
  4. Gentiles Added to the Church, Barnabas, Gift to Jerusalem
  5. Fifth persecution and First Missionary Journey
  6. Paul in Antioch, Missionaries at work
  7. Miracles and the Council at Jerusalem
  8. Macedonian Vision and Missions in Europe
  9. Paul’s last journeys
  10. Paul’s arrest and Trials