A Psalm, a Prophecy, and an Epistle (LS6)


A Psalm, a Prophecy, and an Epistle (LS6)


Lesson 6


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First lesson free, remaining lessons in the series $5 each

Each lesson in this series will include an overview of three books in the Bible, as follows:

Lesson One: Psalm 1 – A Psalm of Praise, Prophecy – Obadiah, The Doom of Edom, Epistle – Philemon, Forgiveness for a Runaway Slave

Lesson Two: Psalm 2 – A Messianic Psalm, Prophecy – Haggai, Rebuilding the Temple, Epistle – II John, Christ’s Commandment

Lesson Three: Psalm 3 – A Morning Psalm, Prophecy – Joel, The Day of the Lord, Epistle – III John, Walking in Truth

Lesson Four: Psalm 4 – An Evening Prayer, Prophecy – Nahum, Nineveh’s Doom, Epistle – Jude, Contending for the Faith

Lesson Five: Psalm 5 – A Prayer for Guidance, Prophecy – Habakkuk, From Doubt to Faith, Epistle – Titus, Setting the Church in Order

Lesson Six: Psalm 6 – A Cry for Mercy, Prophecy – Zephaniah, The Day of the Lord, Epistle – II Peter, Last Days

Lesson Seven: Psalm 7 – A Prayer for Deliverance, Prophecy – Jonah, God’s Deliverance and Mercy, Epistle – II Thessalonians, The Day of the Lord

Lesson Eight: Psalm 8 – God’s Glory, Prophecy – Malachi, Rebukes, Epistle – II Timothy, Hold to the Truth