Sophie Longhoofer’s Six Rules for Seniors


Sophie Longhoofer’s Six Rules for Seniors


A hilarious look at aging, the book is sure to be a perfect gift for any retiree or senior of any age.  It is even published in large print and available as an e-book.  Whether you are already over the hill, or headed that direction, you will love this book.  Order today here or at:

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Written by Marilyn L. Donnellan’s alter-ego, Sophie Longhoofer, she takes a tongue in cheek approach to aging, listing six rules every senior citizen needs to live by:

  1. Think of getting old like having sex the first time,
  2. Ignore the mirror,
  3. Laugh at yourself,
  4. Wear your hearing aids,
  5. Be careful,
  6. Chill.