Risk Management


Risk Management


Forced to operate from crisis to crisis, many nonprofits do not have a complete risk management plan. This training module provides you with sample policies and procedures for developing a risk management plan, as well as a risk management assessment tool.

More Information

Risk management is an issue encompassing every aspect of your nonprofit. And it isn’t something you must deal with only if you can afford insurance. Risk management is about so much more than insurance. Just a few of the issues it includes are:
• Legal issues
• Cyber security
• Disaster readiness (internal and external)
• Contingency funding (or reserves)
• Client, volunteer and staff safety
• Accessibility issues
• Staff benefits
This training module is ideal for boards and staff of any nonprofit wanting to determine what and where their risks are. It even includes a risk audit. The PowerPoint includes instructor notes, a sample agenda and handouts. It is a companion to the book, Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations.