Nonprofit Management Simplified: The Series (3 books)


Nonprofit Management Simplified: The Series (3 books)


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The three books in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series (2nd Edition) provide an encyclopedia of information for any nonprofit leader:

  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development  – Everything you need to set up a volunteer development program, train board members and establish policies and procedures for all types of volunteers.  Chapter two includes the award-winning simplified strategic planning process.  Other chapters cover executive director reports to the board and ED performance reviews, effective meetings and templates for recruitment, training, recognition and dismissal of board members and volunteers.
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Administration – All aspects of internal operations, including how to start a nonprofit, establish and maintain legal and financial structures, staff management, technology updates, facilities, equipment, risk management, virtual strategies, and so much more.
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Implementing the Core Mission: programs, resource development, marketing and community  involvement.

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