Nonprofit Management Simplified: Programs and Fundraising


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Programs and Fundraising


This book will succinctly show you how to evaluate the outcomes of your programs, implement and evaluate your fundraising programs, develop a strong brand identity, create a marketing plan to promote your nonprofit, and build collaborations to deliver programs and raise funds.

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Every executive director or CEO needs to oversee the effective implementation of the nonprofit’s programs, the essential core of its mission. Of course, the old saying, “no money, no mission,” means the executive director also needs to ensure the organization has sufficient funds to operate programs. This book gives you the tools you need to ensure both aspects of running the nonprofit get their share of attention. You will learn not only how to implement programs and the fundraising supporting them, but also how to evaluate success in both areas. And, you will learn how to use branding and marketing strategies to promote programs and fundraising. You will learn:
1. How to develop and evaluate programs
2. How to implement an outcomes measurements process
3. How to implement and evaluate fundraising strategies
4. How to create brand identity
5. How to develop a marketing plan
6. The importance of community problem solving through collaboration.

The books is full of sample policies and procedures, too.  Add to your library the two other books in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series:  Internal Operations, Board and Volunteer Development.