Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations


The book provides the basic steps for:

  • Starting a nonprofit or bringing one into legal compliance
  • Making sure your nonprofit is effective and efficient
  • Establishing a maintaining legal and financial structures
  • Evaluating staff performance
  • Developing a risk management plan

More Information

Today’s nonprofit leader walks a fine line between fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission and managing day-to-day tasks, such as financial management. The goal is to make the organization effective, efficient and sustainable. But how? This book is the answer for the person who wants to start a nonprofit, has taken over a nonprofit and wonders where to start to clean things up, or who want to make sure the nonprofit is running at peak efficiency while servings its noble purpose.

Dreams are the basis of most nonprofits, but reality is that executive directors/CEOs of nonprofits must be able to manage effectively in order to take their nonprofits from an altruistic visions to fulfillment. this book helps you to become a great nonprofit leader who can propel your organization to be one of those star nonprofits we all admire. In this book, you will learn how to:
1. Start a nonprofit
2. Evaluate the success of your nonprofit
3. Establish the proper legal and financial management structures
4. Manage and evaluate your personnel
5. Develop and implement an effective risk-management plan
6. Balance the competing demands of being a nonprofit ED/CEO.

The book includes examples of articles of incorporation, bylaws, a core elements assessment, financial and personnel policies and procedures, employee performance plan, and a list of the types of insurance needed by nonprofits. And, don’t forget the downloadable companion training modules available at this website which will help you train staff and volunteers on these important topics.  Plus, order the two other books in the Nonprofit Management Simplified Series:  Board and Volunteer Development, Programs and Fundraising.