Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development


Finally, there is a simple guide for the executive director/CEO which will:

  • Guide you in educating board members on their roles and responsibilities
  • Help you report to and work with the board effectively
  • Walk you through how to run an effective board meeting
  • Show you how to recruit, orient, recognize and even fire volunteers
  • Give you a jump start on creating your strategic plan

More Information

You wear many hats as the nonprofit executive director/CEO. This book is designed to help you manage the human resources outside of your staff: board members and volunteers. It is designed to make your life easier as well as ensure your volunteers feel valued and understand their duties. You will learn how to better work with your board and volunteer to ensure the organization fulfills its mission and works toward creating a better future for the community you serve.

You will learn how to:
1. Build a board that understands its role in governing (not managing) your nonprofit
2. Involve your board in the strategic planning process to create a simple plan which works
3. Work with board members to run effective meetings
4. Build an effective pool of volunteers to move the nonprofit forward by supporting programs, administration and fundraising
5. Implement an ED/CEO performance review plan and process
6. Learn what types of reports your board wants, needs, and how to prepare meaningful and understandable reports.

And, don’t forget the downloadable companion training modules available at this website. They will help you train your board, volunteers and staff on these topics.  Plus, add to your library the other valuable resources in the Nonprofit Management Simplified series:  Internal Operations, Programs and Fundraising