Internal Operations


Internal Operations


Any nonprofit who ignores all of the critical aspects of administration or internal operations is asking for trouble. Included in this training module are sample policies and procedures for every aspect of internal operations.

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One of the most important aspects of nonprofit management is the internal operations or administration side. Unfortunately, too many nonprofits are so focused on programs and fundraising serious problems can arise in this critical area. The results of neglecting this core element can be devastating to the nonprofit. This training module, is a companion to the book, Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations. Included in the module is a PowerPoint, instructor notes, and sample handouts. This is a great tool for training staff of any size or type of nonprofit on all aspects of internal operations. Based on the author’s popular workshops and webinars, the module is a great addition to any nonprofit’s library. Topics covered in the module include:
1. Board responsibilities for financial controls
2. Policies and procedures
3. Internal controls
4. Financial management standards
5. Legal documents
6. Facilities management and policies
7. Outsourcing
8. Health, safety, accessibility and disaster planning issues
9. Equipment and technology: inventories, interfacing and integrating
10. Infrastructure budgeting and planning